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Course Description
The Complete Excel Pivot Table course will take a student who knows nothing about Excel Pivot Tables to a competent and confident power user in no time.

We will be discussing topics such as

  • Records, Attributes, and Values
  • Proper Pivot Table Data Formats
  • Nesting, Grouping, and Moving Attributes
  • Field Settings
  • Sorting and Filtering within a Pivot Table
  • Slicers and Timelines
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot Charts
  • and more…

The best part about my course is the Excel Data Workbook you will receive at no extra charge!

This will allow you to follow along with me click for click, and even practice on your own, using the mock data I have provided! If you have a working knowledge of basic Excel principles, and you’re looking to step up your game, sign up for The Complete Excel Pivot Table Course.

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I had some basic knowledge but this took it to a whole new level. Great tutor, good clear voice and easy to listen to and easy to follow everything.KC
The content in this course is completely comprehensive and informative, with wonderful hands on activities. The instructor was very engaging, easy to understand, and interesting. I look forward to additional courses from him.Toni
Great class on pivot tables and dashboards! Definitely a game-changer for your job if you analyze data in Excel.Michael

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