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Spreadsheet File Formats

In Basic, Intermediate by Garrett Dorman0 Comments

While discussing the multitudes of options and functions that exist within Excel, in order to truly master the program, it is necessary to discuss a few features outside of the program itself. One of these features is the various different file formats that a spreadsheet can be saved in. With over 20 default formats built in, and countless more that are not listed, knowing which format to use at the right time is very important. We will discuss each of these many options and when to use each one, as well as some extra options inside of Excel pertaining to …

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How to use the vLookup Function in Excel

In Formulas, Intermediate by Garrett Dorman0 Comments

Imagine having a spreadsheet with thousands of entries. Also imagine needing to find a number for one of those entries. Maybe a phone number from a list of employees or a price for a specific item. This is a common problem faced by many Excel users around the globe. However, using Excel’s various lookup functions, this task becomes easy. By the end of reading this, you will be able to use several of these functions to find any information you need, no matter how many entries have to be sorted through to find it. The cornerstone on searching through Excel …

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How to make a Waterfall chart

In Intermediate by theexcelpert0 Comments

Some of the more business savvy out there immediately recognize and understand the value of the Waterfall Chart. It’s essentially the single greatest way to simultaneously create a great looking bridge chart AND show off your crazy awesome Excel skills. Now if you’ve already upgraded to Excel 2016, Waterfall Charts are now a built-in feature (at long last, I might add). However, if you’re one of the less fortunate, and stuck in a prehistoric Excel hell, see below. Let’s say you own a coffee shop cleverly named “The Coffee Shop” and you want to create a beautiful depiction of your …